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Savita Solar Wins British Airways Business Opportunity Competition

Savita Solar in Hong Kong was hand selected from nearly 200 applicants to receive a Business Opportunity Grant.

The grant includes 10 Business Class return flights to anywhere on the British Airways network.

To enter the competition, companies were required to describe the scope of their companies' operations, outline their goals and objectives for 2010 and detail how the opportunity and continuity of business travel for a year would benefit the business.

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2010MIECF - SaVita Solar has been invited to attend the The Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF). It is a high-level, pro-active platform promoting Thinking Green, Going Clean and Living Cool in the Peoples Republic of China.

It will be attended by the Ministry of Environment and Protection of the People's Republic of China. This exhibition is the "Green Gateway" for green resources, technology exchange and co-operation between Peoples Republic of China and international markets, particularly the EU.


One of the areas of focus for our social enterprise is our carbon offset programme.

The first programme has been designated the 'SaVita Education Community' where we will aim to support PV installations in schools, universities and not-for-profit organizations.

We invite companies and individuals to offset their carbon footprint by purchasing Carbon Offsets through us. The capital raised will go directly to fund installations for these organizations.

It is through the sale of these Carbon Offsets that the PV installations will be cost effective. It is also possible for organizations to apply for funding from the Hong Kong government via the Hong Kong Environment and Conservation Fund.

Recipient Organization

Educational Institutions / Non-Profit Organisations
We anticipate that organisations will initially purchase a PV system to be installed on site. It will be possible to add modules to increase the total electrical output through sponsorship/Carbon Offsetting.

There are many different types of solar systems and the one selected will be project dependant. Some of the factors to be considered include the area available on the site, cost, and efficiency.

The organization will be provided with web-based software to monitor their PV performance, and to compare their performance with installations at other locations.

Schools will also have access to online curriculum materials designed to facilitate cross-curricular projects focusing on the environment and sustainable development through problem solving and creative thinking. These materials will also enable students to think critically upon climate change and the effectiveness of renewable energies.


Companies / Individuals
The sponsor company/individual will purchase Carbon Offsets for the project making the solar installation cost-effective for the purchaser. These Offsets will meet international standards and be third-party verified.

The Offsets will meet the criteria for 'additionality' as outlined by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. For further information on 'additionality' see the FAQ section on this website.

We will consolidate the value of these projects further by inviting sponsor companies and participating schools to 'SaVita Education Days' where the focus will be on problem solving and critical thinking on environmental issues.

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